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Paula Shiver, V.P of Engagement

Paula Shiver, V.P of Engagement

Paula Shiver is a distinguished business leader, recognized for her exceptional expertise and passion for driving growth. As the Vice President of Engagement at the PerimeterChamber, Paula has been instrumental in helping businesses thrive in Dunwoody since 2014, leveraging her strategic insight and understanding to deliver sustainable results. Driven by a strong commitment to making a positive impact, Paula has fostered a collaborative and inclusive approach to achieving shared goals. She is a seasoned volunteer, currently serving with the Hispanic Health Coalition of Georgia to provide access to information, advocacy, and education for underserved populations across the state of Georgia.

Paula and her husband Chris have been happily married for 20 years. They share a love of the outdoors, which has been an essential part of their relationship since they first met while working for REI in college. Paula's love for the outdoors turned into a career, and she spent 15 years leading teams for REI and Patagonia in Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, and Nashville. Paula and Chris have a daughter, Ella, who will graduate this spring from DeKalb School of the Arts. In the fall, they will become empty nesters as Ella heads off to college in Amherst, Massachusetts. They are passionate about white-water paddling and have tackled some of the most challenging rivers in the western United States, including a recent 17-day self-led expedition down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. This summer, they are eagerly preparing for an upcoming excursion on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho. Paula, Chris, and Ella live in Dunwoody with their two lively rescue dogs, Banjo and Fiddle.

Paula attributes her success today to the core values of service, respect, integrity, and conservation that she cultivated during her time with REI and Patagonia. She brings those same values to her work at the Perimeter Chamber, where she is dedicated to driving positive change and delivering sustainable growth for businesses and stakeholders alike.